German Christmas Time:   Advent house

Advent house - the special christmas pyramids of German christmas


Advent house Nativity 25inch

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Advent house Nativity 31inch electric

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Advent house  Bear house 20inches

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Advent house Nativity 21inch

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Advent house big for pyramid candles 31inch

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Advent house Angles in Bakery 21inch

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Erzgebirgische Volkskunst Richard Glässer Seiffen / Erzgebirge

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Advent houses - the special christmas pyramides of German christmas

Advent house

Advent house and pyramid houses are a very special form of german Christmas Pyramid of german Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains). They accompany us through the festive season. The lovingly crafted characters impress us. In the great Advent houses can be every Sunday during Advent open a new door. An Advent house is easy with a seasonally decorated living room.

Wooden Advent houses are usually designed rather simple. This distinguishes the typical Advent House from the Erzgebirge of the more famous Christmas Pyramid. In construction of the moving parts of the Advent house are quite similar to Christmas pyramid. However, the term "Erzgebirge pyramids," which is often used for the Advent house is not entirely correct.

As Ore Mountains wood art and folk art advent houses have a long tradition. Advent homes are a specialty of the company Richard Glaesser. It incorporated over 70 years experience of Richard Glaesser in producing Christmas pyramids.

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