German Christmas Time:   Christmas pyramids

German modern design Christmas Pyramid Nativity 38inch
Zeidler Holzkunst Seiffen Erzgebirge

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Christmas pyramids bring by their festive light a cozy atmosphere at Christmas time in Germany. Erzgebirge pyramids from the region Seiffen are the most famous german Christmas pyramids with long traditions.

This modern design Christmas pyramid for 10 tealights shows the motive Nativity. Modern design Christmas pyramids from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) now get popular for german Christmas decoration.

• german Christmas pyramids modern design
• handmade german high quality, wooden figures
• tealights pyramid
• Christmas pyramid dimensions
- pyramid height 95cm/38inch
- pyramid width 50cm/20inch
- pyramid deep 54cm/21.6inch
• table pyramid for 10 tealights
• Christmas pyramid Seiffen Ore Mountains
• german Christmas tradition

Zeidler Holzkunst Seiffen Erzgebirge Made in Germany

German modern design Christmas Pyramid Nativity 38inch Bild 1German modern design Christmas Pyramid Nativity 38inch Bild 2
$ 789.58 *
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