Christmas musical boxes


Music Box Seiffener church village, 'Silent Night'

$ 190.35

Music Box The Nativity with 'Silent Night'

$ 201.15

Musical box with Frauenkirche and singers

$ 168.48

Music box

$ 403.65

Music box Nativity

$ 200.88

Music box church Seiffen

$ 151.20


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Sites:  1 

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Music box for christmastime

Musical boxes

A music box is a selfplaying mechanical music instrument. A widespread, but delusive name for a play box is the name "play clock". We offer you very popular play clocks rich in detail to collect. Our products come guaranteed from Germany, to a land with long tradition of the play clock productions ties together with the "Erzgebirgischen folk art" to a true masterpiece. Let you inspired !

Sites:  1 

Show 1 to 10 of 10 products