Traditional Nutcrackers Erzgebirge - a typical german Christmas decoration


Christmas Nutcracker Erzgebirge King red 6inch

$ 51.16

Miniature Erzgebirge Nutcracker King blue 4inch

$ 17.82

Christmas Nutcracker Erzgebirge King red 5inch

$ 37.80

German Nutcracker Erzgebirge Hussar red 15inch

$ 91.40

Miniature Erzgebirge Nutcracker Dane red 4inch

$ 17.82

Miniature Erzgebirge Nutcracker King red 4inch

$ 17.82


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Nutcrackers - traditional german Christmas Decoration


Original Nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge in Germany are a traditional german Christmas decoration. Our typical german Nutcrackers are handmade from wood and certificated.

A 14inch large Nutcracker is traditionally produced in about 130 operations and can contain up to 60 individual parts. It is processed from spruce wood, pine wood, ash wood or beech wood. Nutcracker decorating materials are fur, bristles, leather, fabric, strings and brightly colored inks.

Originally one you could insert a nut in the big-toothed mouth of the Nutcracker, press the lever down and thereby crack the nut. But modern Nutcrackers in traditional style are mostly for Christmas decoration and not for cracking nuts. Now the Nutcrackers are made of a soft wood, the pine wood.

Traditional german Nutcrackers have been known since at least the 19th century. They are wood carvings of a soldier, knight, king or other former authorities. These traditional Nutcracker figures were developed as a cottage industry in forested rural areas of Germany. The most famous german nutcracker figures come from Seiffen in Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains).

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Show 1 to 45 of 92 products