German Nutcracker Erzgebirge King light blue 13inch
HODREWA Dieter Legler Olbernhau

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German Nutcracker Erzgebirge King light blue 13inch

German Chistmas Nutcracker from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) in lovingly handmade from the traditional manufactory HODREWA Dieter Legler in Rothenthal, a district of Olbernhau in Christmas region in the Ore Mountains. The pictured here Nutcrackers has a larger size. Height Nutcracker: 13inch.
The HODREWA logo on the underside of the base of the jewelry piece of wood, a small tab on the rocking horse, ensures as a sign of Original Erzgebirge Nutcracker originality and quality craftsmanship.
Even though the name suggests, a wooden Nutcracker figure is not suitable to crack nuts in Christmas time. The Nutcracker is made of a soft wood, the pine wood as decoration for Christmas.

• Wooden german Christmas Nutcracker
• German Christmas Decoration
• Design: traditional, King
• Handmade, hand painted
• Origin: Erzgebirge Germany
• Nutcracker height: about 33cm/13inch
• Nutcracker by Dieter Legler

HODREWA Dieter Legler Olbernhau Made in Germany

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